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Our 'Coding to Learn' is a hand on learning program for the children. The kids work along side our trainers and develop a new project in every class while learning various functionalities. It has been designed for 7 - 12 years age group.

Kids learn to make mobile and web based games, apps, puzzles and other projects. They only require a laptop/tablet and internet. Our teachers take it over from there.

Program includes visual coding commands, blocks, sequences, algorithms, variables, functions, events and Artificial Intelligence to create interactive games, animations, stories and apps. 

You can choose a unlimited* coding sessions program where your child gets unlimited coding classes with our trainers every month.

Our students have a goal based approach, where the pursue their passions with a purpose in mind. It’s not coding for the sake of coding!

We live in a digital era. Traditional education teaches kids about computers but it is too late compared to the exposure they have to gadgets early in their childhood and it tends to ignore the creative and problem solving sides which are the fundamentals to computer science. Kids are fascinated by laptops and mobiles so we try and show them how to spend time with these devices doing something constructive.

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